Choose Tindell Care for In-Home Senior Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Choose Tindell Care for In-Home Senior Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Tender Care From a Team of Passionate Caretakers

Do you want the people you love to live comfortably and independently? The talented health professionals at Tindell Care LLC help seniors and people who need special care live healthy, independent lives. Our care team:

  • Maintains a clean, safe environment
  • Helps during doctor's appointments
  • Assists with bathing and grooming
  • Does laundry and shops for groceries
  • Sets medication reminders

It's our job to make your loved one's life easier. Maintaining as much independence as possible is an essential part of living a happy, healthy life. Support your loved one without worrying about their safety by hiring Tindell Care for tender, thoughtful care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Home Care For The Elderly. We work hard to make our patients happy and comfortable

In-Home Senior Care Agency
Our caretakers work primarily with seniors, but we offer our in-home care services to all ages. The Tindell Care team has years of experience working with veterans and people with disabilities. From helping out as needed with minor daily or weekly tasks to providing complete live-in care or 24/7 care, Tindell Care can handle any request.

Call 412-404-2568 today to discuss your loved one's needs with the Tindell Care team.