Elderly Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Elderly Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Learn Why Tindell Care Is the Right Choice

When you choose Tindell Care LLC to care for your loved ones, you choose a team of passionate and friendly caretakers. Our care team is made up of talented, reliable nursing assistants. We take pride in our:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Communication skills
  • Responsible values
  • Friendliness

Customer service and patient confidentially are the core of our business. When your loved ones need care, look no further than the team at Tindell Care.

We work hard to ease your stress

Taking care of family members with disabilities or age-related difficulties can be hard on you and your family. That’s why Tindell Care provides both excellent care and superior customer service for patients and families. We’ll always pick up the phone when you or your loved one needs us.

Call 412-404-2568 right now to speak with a member from the Tindell Care team.